A Ceilidh is by far the best way to celebrate your wedding.  Fun and enjoyable by all, it is an excellent way of getting your guests from both sets of families and friends to mix.  Itís inclusive, as no level of ability or experience is needed.  Compare this to a disco, which excludes a large section of your guests, and does nothing to encourage them to mingle.  See more at What to Expect, some pictures of a wedding at which I recently called: Charlotte&Tom, and some videos from Dan & Sophie's wedding

Lynda Green (Brides Mother), Wedding, Rattery, South Devon, B2S1 Band

Thank you for the wonderful contribution you all made to our special day. You helped to bring all ages together, turning strangers to friends and filling the hall with an atmosphere of friendly fun and laughter - even people who don't usually try had a go! Thanks again!

I have been calling at weddings for many years, and pride myself on really making your celebrations go with a swing.  Iím there to provide the entertainment, to get everyone up and dancing Ė and I will! See Why Me for more information

Barry & Sue Wakefield, Wedding, Littleham, Recorded Music

So many people said it was the best wedding do they'd ever been to. You really made our day - thank you

Ceilidhs can be provided to meet all budgets.  Your main choice is between a live band and recorded music.  The principal difference is cost, although recorded music has other advantages.  See Live Band and Recorded Music.

Thank You Killerton