Calling with a Live Band

I call with a number of local bands, and can arrange a full package of band and caller for you.

I can also call with a band of your choice, and can often turn up at short notice.

Ive been calling for about 10 years.  I do mostly weddings and other celebrations, although I have called at:

    Folk festivals (Bampton, Dulverton)


    Cardiff (RUFF Ceilidhs)

    Exeter University International Ceilidhs

I will run workshops for absolute beginners, and have even run a wheelchair ceilidh (in conjunction with Exeter Mobility).

I have a bouncy, flamboyant style that dancers seem to love it certainly gets them up and dancing.

I use a number of my own dances, which if the audience are regular folk dancers means they get to do something new and exciting.  Whilst I specialise in beginners, I have some particularly interesting dances that old hands seem to love.

I am based in Exeter, but will travel to most places in Devon and often further afield.