Why Me?

A caller is an important choice as one of my previous clients said:

The caller makes or breaks and evening and you certainly made it for us Debbie Sandels

I am an experienced dancer, have been describing dances for many years, and have built up a wide selection of dances in the process. I cater for all levels and skills of dancer, with complete beginners being a particular speciality.

I have a bouncy style which encourages and enthuses the dancers. It also means I move around from stage to floor, which makes it easier to help people through the dances.

More than this, I recognize that the evening is not about calling a few dances, its about entertaining you.  From witty repartee to a friendly face for the children, from infectious enthusiasm to making sure even the non dancers enjoy themselves.

Still not convinced? Read the testimonials page...

And watch the videos: Video1 Video2 Video3 Video4 Video5 (opens in a new window)

Even if you've never danced before, Ill get you up on your feet and enjoying yourselves!