MWSD Calling App (Android):

The purpose of the app is to allow callers to work out clever choreography and to be able to use it without having to remember complete modules.  It can also be used by non-callers as an alternative to recorded tips.

How it works:

The app has access to multiple sets of modules which it chooses from randomly, according to the programme that is currently selected.  It then puts these together to provide 4 segments on screen:

  1. From a Square to a Zero Line ("In")
  2. From a Zero Line to a Zero Line
  3. From a Zero Line to a Zero Line
  4. From a Zero Line to a resolution

This means that at the end of any section (except the last), couples should be in a zero line.  Thus you can both check they are correct, and also just resolve with an AL (or your own favourite).

The app starts off in Plus Programme mode, and can be changed to MS or A1 using the buttons at the bottom.  The A- and A+ buttons change the font size on the module text only.

The App also contains a countdown timer. To start the timer, just click on the Timer button.  This will start it counting down from 6 minutes.  To add an extra minute to the countdown (at any time) just click the timer.  To stop/reset the timer, press and hold the timer.  The timer will turn yellow with 2 minutes to go, and red when time is up.

The reload button loads a new set of modules, and will start the timer if it is not already going (this is because I often forget to start the timer!)

The modules are a combination of some of those in the database at, and some I have written myself.  If you would like to supply your own module files, let me know and I will send you the details you need (filenames, structures and location).  The modules have been extensively tested, but I can't guarantee they're error free.  If you do find a problem, please let me know.

The APP is available here.  You will need to allow installation of apps from unknown sources in order to install it.  I use the app on a 10.2" tablet, but it also works on my 6.2" phone.  Anything smaller than that may not be easy to use.  The screen should adjust to fit onto your device, but if you have a problem let me know and I'll send you a tweaked version.