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The main aim of Gender Free Dancing is to establish a series of dance events that are accessible to everyone, regardless of Gender or Sexual Orientation.

Gender discrimination is by far the largest and most tacitly accepted form of discrimination in the folk dance world. Gender Free dancing is all about eliminating that discrimination.

Having been introduced to the Gender-Free dancing community in the US, I decided to investigate its prevalance back in the UK. To my dismay I found not one LGBTQ+ or gender-free contra or square dancing club in the whole of the UK.

I want to change this. I want to move to a dance community where gender-free is the norm, and where no-one feels excluded.

I'm going to start by putting on a series of Gender Free dances, initially aimed at the LGBTQ+ community, but ultimately open to all.

I have taken inspiration from the Lavender Country and Folk Dancers (, a US organisation that supports gender-free folk dance clubs. LCFD was originally set up in the late 80s / early 90s to provide safe places for gay people to dance, but has since developed into an organisation promoting gender- free dancing "primarily, but not exclusively, for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer dancers and friends".

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