This page contains links to the teaching notes from the Exeter Golf & Country Club bridge lessons.  Beginners' lessons are held on Friday mornings at 10am to 11:30am in the Exeter Golf and Country Club Bridge Room.  Improvers' lessons are at 12 noon on the same day.

The current set of 10 lessons starts on Friday 26th April 2019, and will finish on Fri 5th July 2019, having missed out Fri 31st May (half term).

Previous Lesson Set Notes:

Week 1: Tricks Taking, Play Mechanics, Minibridge

Week 2: Planning the Play, Finessing

Week 3: Finessing: Missing the Queen, Each Way, Danger Hand

Week 4: Trump Contracts, Which card do I win with?

Week 5: Trumps are better, Deciding on the contract, Defending

Week 6: Scoring, Trumps Rule # 1

Bidding Unbalanced Hands

Bidding Balanced Hands

Bidding 4441 Hands


Red Suit Transfers

When Partner opens 1NT

Competitive Bidding


Advanced Competitive Bidding

Strong Opening Bids

Who's in Charge?

Bidding Crib Sheet

Bidding Flowchart

Improvers Notes:

Advanced Stayman and Red Suit Transfers

Raising on 3

The Wriggle

When to Draw Trumps

Weak Jump Overcalls

System On


Forcing and Limit Bids

The bidding app can be downloaded onto Android devices (not Apple) from here, or by searching for Jezsoft at the Google Play Store.

The app can also be run on a windows PC using an emulator called Bluestacks , but I wouldn't recommend doing this to anyone without a technical bent.