Wheels Within Wheels
4 Couple Diff: 0 John Meechan
48 Bars Progression
A1 Set to person diagonally to the R (if there is one) and change places with them, Set to the person diagonally to the L (if there is one) and change places with them., This leaves all Ladies at the top of the set and the men at the bottom.
A2 The men L hand star WHILST Ladies R hand star, The men, starting with the first man, pick up their Partner and star promenade., End in a square set with 1st couple in number one position - don't worry where the other couples are!
B1 All four L/C.
B2 Heads R&L Thru halfway, Heads go to the couples on the R and circle L into two, facing lines.
C1 Lines go forward and back;, L/C halfway across the set.
C2 Dosido partner;, Swing ending on the correct side.
4 couples