Wedding bells at Xmas
Triplet Diff: 5 0
32 Bars Progression
A1 1s set to Partner, cast down to middle place (2s move up), 1s 1/2 figure of 8 through new top couple
A2 Repeat for third couple: 3s set to Partner, cast up to middle place (origninal 1s move down) 3s 1/2 figure of 8 through 1s
B1 New tops (original 2s), lead down set R hands held, turn lady under (don't swap sides), dance back up, cast (round top of set) to middle place
B2 (original) 2s Face bottoms, Circle L 1/2, 2s lead up to middle place, join hands with top couple, circle L 1/, 2s lead down to bottom (no time)