Warp & Weft
Grid Square Diff: 6 Rick Mohr
64 Bars Progression
A1 LLFB, Corner Swing
A2 Next Corner LHT, DoSiDo the one you swung
B1 Men LHS, RHT the one you swung about once, Partner L Pull by
B2 Balance and swing the one you meet to Square
C1 Heads [SIDES] F&B, LHS (face original partner)
C2 Hey (partners pass right shoulders to start) (16)
D1 Partner Gypsy & Swing - end in Lines at the Sides [HEADS]
D2 Lines of four F&B, Pass Thru 2 lines of four (or Cal Twirl)
Starts 4 facing 4, with partner; alternates Heads & Sides