Criteria: Triplet

3 Couple Snowball4
Brian and Mary2
Bridal Path0
Chain Gang (Jeremys Triplet No.2)6
Cork Hill5
Country Korchy(sp) Jig4
Davids Triplet No.14
Davids Triplet No.36
Davids Triplet No.43
Davids Triplet No.54
Davids Triplet No.74
Dunwich Heath6
Foreign Legion5
Four Kicks6
Jackies Three5
Jeremys Triplet No.15
Jeremys Triplet No.30
Jeremys Triplet No.40
Jeremys Triplet No.5 (Just Passing Through)5
Lost Love4
Micahs Triplet No. i5
Micahs Triplet No. pi5
Ricks Triplet No.15
Ricks Triplet No.24
Road To Mons,The3
Something Marie5
Starchaser (RM)7
Teds Triplet No.140
Teds Triplet No.150
Teds Triplet No.200
Teds Triplet No.210
Teds Triplet No.220
Teds Triplet No.244
Teds Triplet No.250
Teds Triplet No.290
Teds Triplet No.30
Teds Triplet No.300
Teds Triplet No.370
Teds Triplet No.40
Teds Triplet No.400
Thanks to the Pharmacist5
Triangle Dance0
Unnamed (V27-1) (30s)5
Unnamed IVFDF0
Wedding bells at Xmas5