Three Weddings
Proper Diff: 8 Colin Hume
32 Bars Progression
A1 1st Corners RHT, keep hold and give L to Partner in Diagonal Wave. Set in the wave; L-hand turn Partner half-way so that 2nd Corners face each other.
A2 Diagonal Hey for four (2nd Corners pass R) so that they again end facing each other.
B1 2nd Corners RHT about 3/4 to a long wave (of 2nd Corners), facing Partner, all set, Partner 1/2 Poussette (insdes push) to finish progressed and improper.
B2 1st corners RHT about 1/2 to a long wave (of 1st corners), facing Neighbour; all set. 2nd Corners cast R shoulder, 1st Corners follow Neighbour and All single-file 3/4 to progressed place (1st corners turn R to face Partner at the end)