Criteria: Square Thru

4,44,44 (TH)5 - Contra
All The Threes (White Hart Waltz)3 - Contra
Als Advice4 - Contra
Baling Hay5 - Contra
Brilliant, Holmes5 - Contra
Buffalo Stampede7 - Becket
Ed Klezeau7 - Becket
Eye of the Storm (Not Dan Pearl)5 - Contra
Falling in Love Again5 - Becket
Friday Night Affair5 - Becket
Friday Night Fever4 - Contra
Glasgow Kiss,The8 - Contra
Hand to Hand5 - Contra
Homage to Herbie6 - Becket
Homage to Herbie (Change Prtnr)6 - Becket
Janets Journey4 - Becket
Long Lost Friend9 - Becket
Megs Golden Allstar (Alcester)5 - Becket
Polar Trek7 - Becket
Round Goes The Wheel3 - Becket
Soulmate Siren5 - Contra
Trade the Wave (HR)6 - Contra
Trip to Margaree5 - Contra
Trip to Mars5 - Contra
Walk the Chalk Line3 - Contra
Wednesday Jig5 - Contra
Whims Gym A5 - Contra
Wizards Walk, The5 - Contra