Slice and Dice
Becket Diff: 9 Cary Ravitz
32 Bars 1 CW Progression
A1 LLFB Roll Away, on the L diagonal with your Shadow (i.e. Normal Couples) Slice & Dice (end improper)
A2 LHS, Look away to a #1 Neighbour Swing
B1 With your #1 Neighbour, on the L diagonal Slice & Dice (end improper), LHS
B2 Look away for a Partner Balance & Swing
Slice & Dice: on the L diagonal with your current partner Extend to New Couple, Quarter in (take hands with your opposite and face your current partner), Back on the R diagonal. On the ends, for the left diagonal figure, if there is a couple out, that couple should participate in the figure. If there is not a couple out, the odd couple should just cross the set.