Shuffle the Deck
9 Couple Longways Diff: 8 Jeremy Child
32 Bars No Prog'n Progression
A1 In 6's: Circle L and R
A2 1/4: Top two couples RHS halfway 2/4: (new) bottom two couples LHS halfway, 3/4: (new) top two couples RHS halfway. , 4/4: All turn single., The individual sets of 3 should now be inverted
B1 1/4: (new) first man and 3rd woman change places 2/4: (new) third man and 1st woman change places, 3/4: middles change places, 4/4: alL/Cange places with your Partner, Everyone should now be back where they started (= last circled from.)
B2 1/2: top couple (OF THE NINE - I.e. only one couple in the entire set) cast out and down past 4 couples. 2/2: Botttom couple cast out and up past 4 couples (including the old 1s)
3x3 - progression as 9