Criteria: Proper

Difficulty: 0
Making Tracks (Cues)0
Difficulty: 1
Grand March1
Jacobs Potato1
Jakies Hornpipe1
Difficulty: 2
AJs Gallop 2
Jeffersons Reel (JC)2
Kay House2
Nottingham Swing2
Washington Quickstep2
Difficulty: 3
Christmas Hornpipe3
Difficulty: 4
28th Feb4
Anderson Ferry Reel4
Corellis Magnets4
Graham Crackers4
Difficulty: 5
A Proper Dance5
Chorus Jig5
Diagonal Dilemma,The5
Fosse Way Contra5
Jealous Sally5
Making Tracks5
Orkney Strip the Willow5
Difficulty: 6
Blackbirds of Spring6
Double Whammy6
Old Man of Ballenghee, The6
Difficulty: 7
Connoisseurs Contra7
Deep Well, The7
Diagonal Danger7
Difficulty: 8
Setbacks and Reversals8
Setbacks and Reversals Side 18
Setbacks and Reversals Side 28
Three Weddings8