Oh More Snakes
Becket Diff: 8 Cary Ravitz
32 Bars 2 CW Progression
A1 LLFB, 1/2 Hey (Ladies pass R), Ladies Extend to a Tidal Wave (L with Opposite Lady) while Men move to Stand behind their Partner
A2 Ladies Balance & Rory O'More WHILE Men walk forward to a wavy line (L with Opposite Man) in the middle (there are now interlinked wavy lines); Men Balance & Rory O'More R as the Ladies balance L and R and Back Out
B1 With the handy man (New Opposite) Men RHT 7/4 (or balance and RHT 3/4), With that Man and his Partner 1/2 Hey (Pass Partner L)
B2 Partner Balance & Swing