Hannahs Enigma
Becket Diff: 10 Gene Hubert
32 Bars 1/2 CW Progression
A1 Circle L 3/4, 1s Swing, end in between the couple below them
A2 Down the Hall, Turn to produce MWMW or WMWM lines, Return
B1 1/2 Hey (Pass Neighbour R), Neighbour Swing
B2 L/C, Pass thru Across, Turn Alone, Balance
Starts Becket 1/2 sashayed. 1's are designated as the couples in the women's line THE FIRST TIME THROUGH and will stay 1's until they reach the bottom of the set.  You will do the dance TWICE with each couple, once from each side of the set. In A2 the 1's will alternate between turning alone and turning as a couple.