Diagonal Danger
Proper Diff: 7 Gene Hubert
32 Bars Progression
A1 1s LHT 3/4 to a diagonal wave, Bal, Neighbour RHT 3/4 to a new wave, Bal
A2 Neighbour Swing, 1s look on the diagonal for Partner to Swing in the middle, all end facing down
B1 Line of 4 Down the Hall, 1s Turn as Couple, 2s Turn Alone, Back Up and Bend the Line
B2 People's chain over and back
The first ocean wave is with your 2nd contra corner and has the 1's in the middle.  The second ocean wave is on a different diagonal and has the 2's in the middle.  In a people's chain, the right hand dancers do a ladies chain.  This dance was the result of a dance writing workshop.  The danger in the dance is in getting many people confused while trying to teach it.  Composed in Oct. '94.