Criteria: Contra

Difficulty: 0
Four Ring Circle0
Difficulty: 1
Beginners Class1
Carpet Vectors1
Clean as a Whistle1
Dont Let Go1
Family Contra1
Fiddle Hill Jig1
Judah Jig1
Last Minute Contra1
Monday Night in Ballard1
Difficulty: 2
All the way to Galway2
Another Nice Combination2
Ashokan Hello2
Baby Rose, The2
Balance and Cross2
Berthas Landfall2
Big Easy2
Box the Gnat contra 2
Cedar Street Shuffle2
Common Tern, The2
Counter Flow2
Dancing Spell2
Dudds Reel2
Early Bird Special2
Easy Eastbourne2
Flirtation reel2
Frederick Reel2
Frederics Contra2
Glovers Reel2
Harmony Supper Line2
Heritage Reel2
Jubilation Variation2
Lady Walpoles Reel2
Micro Medley,The2
Midnight Tango2
Momma Loos Reel2
Never Too Late2
Number 112
Pittsboro Pattycake,The2
PS - Au Revoir2
Rockport Reel2
Sarahs Journey2
Simplicity Swing2
Solstice Special2
Southern Spring B2
Spring Fever2
Sure Thing, A2
Top of the Stairs2
Unruly Reunion2
Wedding Wonderland2
Whip, The2
Woods Hole Jig2
Difficulty: 3
2 of 23
A Bowl of Cherries3
A Sure Thing3
Aberdeen Angus No.13
Aberdeen Angus No.23
Aint Dancing Grand3
Alberta Street Contra3
All The Threes (White Hart Waltz)3
Als Safeway Produce 3
Andrews Favour3
Another Cure for the Claps3
Aw Shucks3
Becky's Brouhaha3
Bens Brilliance3
Bill Wellington Unnamed3
Bird in the Hand3
Boys of Oakhill3
Broken Sixpence3
Carousel, The3
Catch a Falling Star3
CDS Reel3
Celebrating 703
Chama River Reel3
CJs Delight3
Country Dance Romance3
Cranky Ingenuity3
Cure for the Claps, The3
Dancing Bear3
Delphiniums and Daisies3
Dip and Dive3
Dip and Dive variant3
Do What the 2s Say3
Dog Branch Reel3
Double Dreydl3
Double Rainbow3
Early Evening Roll Away3
Earth and Sky 3
East meets West3
Fractal Frolic3
Grace in Madtown3
Gypsy Bride,The3
Hay in the Barn3
Heartbeat Contra3
Hey Fever3
Inflation Reel3
Janes Contra3
Kicking Off3
Lannys Back3
Last Time I Checked This Was Still a Democracy, Isnt It3
Long Road,The3
M.A.D. About Dancing3
Mad Robin in Love3
Maggies Ginger Jig3
Marys Delight3
Mirror, Mirror3
Mr. Isaacs Magic3
Mundane Chain3
New World3
Nice Combination3
Out of the Kitchen3
Push the Button3
Reel Easy3
Reflections B3
Rendezvous, The3
Roll Around A3
Roll Around B3
Roll Eleven3
Roll in the Hey3
Roll Twelve3
Roll Twelve3
Salmon Chanted Evening3
Salt and Pepper3
Shadracks Delight3
Snow Dance,The3
Soar Valley Reel3
Southern Spring A3
Star Trick3
Streetsboro Daisies3
Summer Sunshine3
There You Go3
Thunder Hornpipe3
Unnamed No.43
Walk the Chalk Line3
Whims Gym B3
With Thanks to the Dean3
Difficulty: 4
AADS Reel4
Adams Apple4
Als Advice4
Angels Flight4
Bar Harbour4
Betty Macs Reel4
Bettys Bears4
Between the Lines4
Black Mountain Reel4
Box Circulate, Flutterwheel4
Boxing Hey4
Caller's Wife, The4
Caribbean Contra4
Caught in the Act4
Centrifugal Hay4
Chevy Cavalier4
Citronella Morning4
Cloud Shadows4
Colemans March4
Coming Home from Toohollie4
Contra Currents4
Cookie Man4
Crow Flight4
Dancing and the Road to Hell4
Dark Vanessa4
Devils Dream4
Double Swing Through4
Double Take4
Duck Soup4
Dynamic Appeal4
Feet In Flight4
Fetchin Gretchen4
Flying Flamingos4
Friday Night Fever4
Geoffs Over the Hill and still Chased4
Handsome Young Maids4
Happy as a Cold Pig in Warm Mud4
Hearts and Flowers4
Hey! Whos in the Middle4
I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside 24
Into the DMZ4
Jubilee Joy4
Judges Jig4
Jump Start4
Katies Trip to Starbase Twelve4
Lark in the Oven4
Lines Entwined4
Little Green Heron4
Mad Robin Swing4
Mad, mad world4
Marthas Choice4
Megs Choice4
Missouri Stars4
Mood Swings4
More or Less4
No Surprises4
Odd Combination,The4
Oh Yeah!4
One Way or Another A4
Passion Breakdown A4
Passion Breakdown B4
Pats Parade4
Poetry in Motion4
Raedens Twirl4
Ritz, The4
Rosen the Beau4
Run, Honey4
Shadracks Delight (Genderless)4
Shoot the Moon4
Spanking Jack4
Squeaking Wheel,The4
Steam Driven Too4
Sutton Swing4
Sweet Summer4
Symmetrical Force4
To Live is to Dance4
United we Dance4
West By Midwest4
Zoey and Me4
Difficulty: 5
4,44,44 (TH)5
Adams Dance5
Almost Back Home5
Alpha And Omega Star5
Apples & Chocolate5
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes5
Baling Hay5
Banish Moral Slop5
Blackbird Pie5
Bluebirds on My Shoulder5
Brandy Bubbles5
Brilliant, Holmes5
Bye Bye Baltimore5
Cal and Irene5
California Clover5
California Contra5
California Star Boxing Flea5
Chaos in Room 65
Cherokee Shuffle5
Chuck The Budgie5
Clothes Spin and Rubber Chickens5
Colemans Reel5
Comfort Deluxe5
Contra Madness5
Contra Stars5
Copenhagen Interpretation,The5
Dance and Dream5
Dance for Hank5
Do Bees Have Knees5
Double Deception5
Double Expediency5
Evil Duane5
Eye of the Storm (Not Dan Pearl)5
Fiddlers Fling5
Fiddles On Fire5
Flirting with Bobbie Jo5
Gails Making Copies5
Genes Genius5
Good Friday5
Greyhound to Harrisburg5
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot5
Gypsy Star (Cary Ravitz)5
Halsway Passion5
Hand to Hand5
Hickmans Hey5
High Noon5
House Husbands Reel5
Illegal in Most States5
Imitation is Sincere5
Is This Reel (Contra)5
Jeds Reel5
Kellys Combination5
King Kontra5
Lauras Zigzag5
Mad Robin Landing No.15
Mixing Bowl, The5
New Horizons5
Ocean View Reel5
Overland Spinner, The5
Parrot On Each Shoulder, A5
Pinewoods Crossing5
Playground Stomp5
Pound Cat Promenade5
Progress in Waves5
Rays Reel5
Reel to Reel5
Remember, Remember the 5th of November5
Remembering Alan5
Rick O'Shea's Hey5
Riding Whisky5
Rocking Robin5
Rough Ride5
Saintly Swallow,The5
Simple Gifts5
Smooth Sailing5
Snake in the Garden B5
Snake in the Hey5
Soaring Storks5
Soulmate Siren5
South Windsor Contra5
Stars of Alberta5
Steal that Something5
Stephanies Star5
Swing Fever5
Swing Swang Swung5
To and Fro5
Trade the Wave (GC)5
Trip to Margaree5
Trip to Mars5
Uncle Tobys Picnic5
Under the Stars at Greenwood No.25
Wednesday Jig5
Whims Gym A5
Wizards Walk, The5
Worcester Promenade5
Woven Waves5
Yarn Market,The5
Difficulty: 6
Almost There6
Blow The Candles Out6
Breakup Breakdown6
Chained Men6
Cheshire 26
Digital Divide6
Equal Opportunity6
Flip-Flop (Side A)6
Flip-Flop (Side B)6
Garden State of Mind6
Genial Genealogist,The6
Glorious Twelth6
Golden Chain, The6
Grand Western Canal6
Gypsies in the Fields6
Gypsy Road,The6
Hand play6
Hand To My Left (HTML)6
Jurassic Redheads6
Lea River Contra6
Leave the Wine6
Love and Innocence6
Magpie and the Seal6
My Ex Ex's FiancÚ's Ex6
Newfangled Contraption 36
Parallel Turns6
Punctuated Raindrops6
Remember the Alamo6
Rollaway To A Line Of Four6
Snake in the Garden A6
Starry, Starry Night6
Steel MacDum6
Surfing the Set6
Swan In Wells,The6
Trade the Wave (HR)6
Truffles for Breakfast6
Uncentennial Reel6
Unnamed No.56
Unnamed V119b6
Vagns Dance6
Difficulty: 7
Alternating Corners7
Bad Hair Decade7
Blackmore Gardens Contra7
Colonel Norths Contra Insurgency7
Contra Madness7
Diamond Duo7
Diannes Dance7
Eleanors Reel7
Emptied Crack, The7
Eye of the Storm7
Fiddle Tales7
Flip Flop Frenzy7
Frog in the Well7
Furnace Creek7
Halloween Twist7
Heres to the Fiddler7
Hey for 407
Last Wednesday,The7
Not So Fast7
Star Thru Corners7
Truly Remarkable Total, The7
Up and Down the Hill but Still Chased 7
Waiting For The Sunshine7
Whose Line Is It Anyway7
Difficulty: 8
Glasgow Kiss,The8
Grass Valley Glide,The8
Life, The Universe and Everything8
Mange Tak8
More Lines Entwined8
No Rest for the Wicked8
Peacock Rag8
Reflections A8
Shy Gazelle,The8
Zayat Contra8
Difficulty: 9
Colins Back9
Deannas Dance A9
Deannas Dance B9
Fiddle Tales (Alternating)9
Fiddle Tales (Alternating) 19
Fiddle Tales (Alternating) 29
Men at Work9
Packet Steamer,The9
Wave-Particle Duality9
Wheres Alex9