Contra Cornish 6 hand reel
Becket Starts in Lines of 4 facing down Diff: 8 Jeremy Child (from an inspired idea by Lisa Heywood)
64 Bars 2 CW Progression
A1 Down the Hall, Balance Twice, Turn as Couple
A2 Lines of 4 back up, Balance Twice, Gate 3/4 and Face up and down
B1 &B2 Reel of 6: Pull by 3, LHT next, Pull by 5, LHT next, Pull by 2 to Partner [each acting as if centres, go round ends, same people each time]
B2 0
C1 Partner RHT 3/2, Ladies LHT 3/2,
C2 Opposite 2HT 3/2 & Gents DoSiDo 3/2 [now crossed]
D1 As couples Promenade CCW round sausage, Come back
D2 Face in, those coming up Arch, cross, turn R, go past one couple to a new couple (round the ends if necessary), Swing, end facing down.
Needs slow music for reel