Criteria: Circle

Difficulty: 0
Atlantic Mixer0
Avery One Dance0
Bills Circle Dance0
Canonbie Ceilidh0
Colorado Swing0
Garden Party0
Jackies Seventh0
La Bastringue (JC)0
Ladies Turn Back0
Nanpantan Circle Dance0
Pattycake Polka (JC)0
Pattycake Polka Kids0
Sybils Roundabout0
Unknown V200
Unnamed (V20)0
Unnamed circle0
Unnamed Line 2210
Unnamed Line 2220
Unnamed V109a0
Unnamed V115b0
Wind up the ball of twine0
Difficulty: 1
Brians Square1
Ring Dance1
Woodcraft Starter1
Difficulty: 2
Cabot School Mixer2
Circassian Circle2
Circle Waltz2
Lets Celebrate the Day2
Lucky 72
May Day Mixer2
North Shore Mixer2
Welcoming New Friends2
Difficulty: 3
Alabama Jubilee3
Unnamed No.23
Difficulty: 4
Flircle 24
Jolly Roger4
Wedding Waltz (The)4
Difficulty: 5
Big Whoop,The5
Carlottas Birthday5
Cherkessia Kfulla5
Cornish Cascade5
Love and Kisses5
Difficulty: 6
Nutcracker (Alunelul)6
Mayim Mayim0