Chain Gang (Jeremys Triplet No.2)
Triplet Diff: 6 Jeremy Child
32 Bars Progression
A1 LLFB, R-hand Ladies Chain (on the L Diagonal), after the courtesy turn the Lady keeps turning to face her man (1/3 rollaway) [L-hand Ladies can take a step back to make the reel easier]
A2 Pull by L to start a 6 Hand Reel 1/2 way (until the men meet in the middle for the 2nd time)
B1 Men RHT while Ladies LHT 1/2, Men LHS with the Ladies into Circle R, break with man in lead
B2 Circle 6 R about 3/4 until facing opposite to original direction (Man in middle), Pass Thru and Turn Alone (if Sicilian: F&B & Turn Alone)
Man and 2 Ladies facing Same, Man in middle. Ladies swap sides each time.