Buffalo Gap Square
Square Diff: 8 Colin Hume
48 Bars Ladies R (CCW) Progression
A1 Heads [SIDES] R&L Thru, Sides [HEADS] R&L Thru, Heads [SIDES] R&L Thru
A2 Side [HEAD] L/C while Heads [SIDES] promenade half-way and Face R (sides [HEADS] face L): DoSiDo this person to a diagonal wave of eight.
B1 Balance, Swing Thru (Partner is now in your R hand). Repeat.
B2 Pass through, California Twirl, LLFB
C1 L/C, Star Thru, Pass Thru, Pass Thru or Cal Twirl.
C2 Swing the one in front of you. Promenade 1/2 way to man's home place.