Criteria: Becket

Difficulty: 0
Charm City Contra0
Difficulty: 1
Eyes Have It, The1
Midwest Folklore1
New Age Petronella1
Difficulty: 2
A1 Reel2
Becket Reel2
Call Me2
Forty Mohr Years 2
Greenfield Storm2
Long Time Hall, A2
Old Time Elixir No 22
Portland Plain & Fancy2
Star Trek2
Tica Tica Timing2
Uncommon Courtesy2
Difficulty: 3
Autumn Air3
Barbaras Becket No.13
Barbaras Becket No.23
Bevs Becket A3
Bevs Becket B3
Bride and Groom Reel3
Bucksaw Reel3
Bumbling Showers3
Chance Encounters3
Chrissies Stars3
Cows are Watching Variation3
Eriks Second Date3
Fairport Harbour3
Fishers Jig3
Fun Dance for Marjorie3
Green Hazel Daze3
Hands Fourplay3
Heart of Glass3
Heavenly Bodies3
Hey Man3
Is This Reel (Becket)3
Marthas Breakup Breakdown3
PhDs Pending3
Presto Petronella3
raDar Love A3
raDar Love B3
Round Goes The Wheel3
Seven Sevens3
Sorensens Promenade3
Stars End3
Strawberry Swirl3
Susans Swing3
Sync or Grin3
Terry and Sherry3
Unnamed Line 1993
Weave into Orbit3
Wildflowers A3
Wildflowers B3
Winter Storm3
Winter Wind3
Difficulty: 4
20 Bellow4
A Flurry of Robins No.34
A Slice of Pinewoods4
Amys Harmonium4
Arizona Becket4
Astral Navigation4
Balance and Think4
Batjas Breakdown4
Beck and Call4
Becket eyes4
Beckets Butterfly4
Bees in the Shower4
Beneficial Tradition4
Cats and More Cats4
Danceus Interruptus4
Dancing with Amy4
Debras Dance B4
Double Boomerang4
Double Whirl4
Drive Thru4
Fiddlers Frolic4
Frannies Alarm Clock 4
Fudge Swirl4
Gang of Four4
Grievous Bodily Charm (Easiest)4
Happy Trails to You4
Heart of Glass Variation4
Heating Up The Hothouse4
I wanna dance4
In Cahoots4
Interstate 754
Interstellar Philandering4
Janets Journey4
Joels in the Kitchen 4
Lost and Found4
Mary Cay's Reel4
Mary Keiths Harmonium4
Mill Point (Beg Meil)4
Millennium Hug,The4
Petronella Stomp4
Pigtown Breakdown4
Polar Vortex4
Radstock Ruby4
Reunion, The4
Round Trip4
Spring Into Summer4
Straighten the Hey4
Susans Slide4
Taras Trip4
Tenth Year in Tollerach4
There is No Way to Peace, Peace is the Way4
Thimble Mill4
Train Delay4
Trinity 24
Trip to Phan Reel4
Turtles Too4
Wedding Contra for Debbie and John4
Whirl of Fortune4
Difficulty: 5
Another Second Time Around5
Blizzard Chimney Contra5
Bobs Boogie5
Byards Leap5
Country of Marriage,The5
Dance Gypsy5
Dance Kentucky Unhinged5
Debras Dance A5
Denniss 5 Years of Entrancement5
Diagonal Discovery5
Ellens Yarns5
Evil Diane5
Falling in Love Again5
Fidgety Feet 5
Flirting with Love Again5
Fractal Fling5
Friday Night Affair5
Gypsy Star (Adam Carlson)5
Happy Ending5
Hopscotch Reel5
Huckleberry Friend5
Inchyra Reel5
Junes Journey5
Lauras Lilt5
Lucys Dance5
Malizas Magical Mystery Motion5
March of the Coffee Zombies5
Megs Golden Allstar (Alcester)5
Men Step Left5
Micahs Nameless5
On The Wing5
One Way or Another B5
Pat And Terrys Contra5
Pigtown Swing5
Red Beard Reel5
Rhinestone Reel5
Sealed with a Keith5
Slip and Slide5
Slippery Slope,The5
Try A Becket5
Vicars Machine Gun5
Weave Me the Sunshine5
When the Lights Went Out at Hawlsey5
Difficulty: 6
24th of October6
Alteration Swing6
Amazing Return Triple, The6
Amazing Return, The6
Around the Sound6
Boxing Clever6
Chain Reaction6
Dance Symmetry A6
Dance Symmetry B6
Family Tree6
Fatal Attraction6
Grievous Bodily Charm (Easier)6
Homage to Herbie6
Homage to Herbie (Change Prtnr)6
Hotpoint Special6
Interstate 646
Janets Gypsy6
Lads of Ohio6
Live Long and Prosper6
Mad Robin Landing No.26
Overland Express6
Pigtown Petronella6
Prial of Swings6
Rolling Home6
Shoot the Breeze6
Through the Looking Glass (Becket)6
Whitby Waves6
Difficulty: 7
A Slice Of Life7
Always My Love7
Amazing Elena Someone7
Angular Momentum 27
Buffalo Stampede7
Daisy Chain7
Dar Trek A (for Darlene)7
Dar Trek B (for Darlene)7
Ed Klezeau7
Enchanted Forrest A,The7
Enchanted Forrest B,The7
Flying Circus 7
Four on the Floor7
Goody Two Shoes7
HP Sauce7
Knit the Knot7
Langfords Request7
Last Of The HitchHikers7
Looking for U7
More Than A Feeling7
Polar Trek7
Revenge of the Square Dance Caller7
Rocky Road7
Susans Snafu7
Top Marks7
Unnamed No.17
Where Will I Be7
Difficulty: 8
Are You Most Done8
Bottom of the Tenth8
Chain Bridge8
Contra Cornish 6 hand reel8
Grievous Bodily Charm (Hard)8
Hemodynamic Contra8
If You Were Dead8
Left and Right8
Looking for Love Again8
Mystery of Edwin Drood8
Oh More Snakes8
Rat Race8
Susies MWSD8
Worlds Greatest Fan8
Difficulty: 9
4,44,44 (ST)9
Andes Anomaly9
Chrissie Stars Again9
Long Lost Friend9
Mad Max9
Megadance (for Meg)9
Prom Night9
Run Around Susie9
Slice and Dice9
Difficulty: 10
Alone at the End10
Hannahs Enigma10