Annies Choice
Square Diff: 5 0
64 Bars None Progression
A1 Head (SIDE) couples lead to R, W in front, split the sides, turn to L to start figure of 8. Ladies do RHT in middle while Men overtake, Ladies follow men (like sheepskin hay)
A2 Men do LHT in middle while Ladies overtake, men follow Ladies, come out on opposite side of square to where they started
B1 Sides (HEADS) R&L Thru, all circle L 1/2 (back to place)
B2 DoSiDo Corner, Partner DoSiDo
C1 Face partner, 1/2 grand chain, balance partner, box the gnat (to swap places and face back)
C2 1/2 grand chain back the other way, balance partner, box the gnat (to swap places)
D1 Balance and Swing Partner
D2 Promenade the ring