Acrostic (Walkthrough)
4 Couple Becket Diff: 8 Jeremy Child
32 Bars CCW Progression
A1 L RHT 1/2, to opposite M LHT, in middle ladies RHT, L to to opposite M who courtesy turns her out
A2 All 4 ladies RHS 3/4 [4], With Men LHT 1/2, Swing the one you meet (corner), ends in a square [4]
B1 Circle L 1/2, Side L/C while heads face Partner, balance, Box the Gnat, pull by
B2 Everyone Swing the one you meet (original Partner), ends in couples facing across the set
In the A2, the 1/2 LHT is NOT a courtesy turn. The men will try to though, so have a key phrase ("Allemande Left") to remind them