Across Nottingham B
Indecent Cross contra Diff: 7 Cary Ravitz
32 Bars Progression
A1 Face across; 2s pass L to start a 1/2 hey, 1s push off in the middle to trade roles in the hey; Continue the hey, 2s push off in the middle to trade roles in the hey, 1s finish an ordinary hey.
A2 Neighbour trade places (on the side of the set), 1s behind the 2s (3); Gypsy clockwise for four 1 (10) (circle L 1 without hands); Men trade places (across the set), one men behind the two men (3).
B1 Partner Balance & Swing.
B2 Circle L 3/4, Pass Thru; With new Neighbour, the one man and two lady DoSiDo, the one lady and two man RHT 3/2.
In the second half of B2, the dancers on the left side of the line, from the caller's view, do-si-do and the dancers on the right side allemande. ; In typical push offs, you push off with a same sex neighbor. Here you push off with your partner, so it may be useful to give this tip - facing across, you start on the left, go into the middle, push off, and back up to the right.