Across Nottingham A
Indecent Cross contra Diff: 7 Cary Ravitz
32 Bars Progression
A1 Face across; 2s pass L to start a hey .
A2 Neighbour trade places (on the side of the set), 1s behind the 2s (3); Gypsy clockwise for four 1 (10) (circle L 1 without hands); Ladies trade places (across the set), 1s ladies behind the two ladies (3).
B1 Partner Balance & Swing.
B2 Circle L 3/4, Pass Thru; With new Neighbour, the one man and two lady DoSiDo, the one lady and two man RHT 3/2.
In the second half of B2, the dancers on the left side of the line, from the caller's view, do-si-do and the dancers on the right side allemande.