Criteria: 4 Couple

4 Around 42
Acrostic (Walkthrough)8
Arch and Star0
Archies STW4
As if by Magic8
Butterfly Wings6
Clopton Bridge2
Corners Turn4
Crosses and Noughts0
Duke and Duchess of York0
Duke of Perth6
Exeter Eight Hand Reel7
Foula Reel6
Garys Gift8
Halfway There0
Horses Bransle5
Joanna's Dance0
Marmalade Sandwich0
Maths Dance8
Mikinnerys Reel (V14-2) (32s)0
Papplewick Panic6
Papplewick Panic (Cues)0
Popplewich Parade0
Postage Jig5
Real Princess,The0
Reel McCoy6
Sedgeon Bridge0
Simple Lines round0
Sir Roger de Coverley2
St. Peterport Waltz0
Star of Kintra0
Thady You Gander5
Three Tops Down4
Top of the Deck0
Trip to Bavaria10
Unnamed - V006Newb0
Unnamed Line 1970
Vets Revenge0
Wheels Within Wheels0
Zig-Zag 26