Relaxed Bridge (Online) - Starting 16th February 2023

Relaxed Bridge sessions are designed for bridge players who want time to chat and discuss the hands after playing them rather than rushing on to the next round.

Sessions consist of just 12 boards, with around 10-15 minutes allowed for each board.

The ethos is friendly and supporting.

The sessions are aimed at

  1. Inexperienced players (those who can bid and play but only at a basic level, and not quickly) who want to improve their bridge and play without time pressure

  2. Club players who want to improve their bridge by reviewing hands while they are still fresh in the memory

  3. More experienced pairs who are willing to help others improve

Rules will not be strictly enforced, and inexperienced players will be given a fair amount of leeway, including referring to notes.

There will also be elements of supervision ("Help - what do I do?"), but the amount will depend on how many participants there are.

The sessions are non-EBU. No masterpoints will be awarded, nor will NGS be affected.

Cost is £2 per session.

You are welcome to come with or without a partner - we will provide one if necessary.

Relaxed bridge sessions will take place on Thursday evenings at 7pm, on the RealBridge** platform.  The first session will be on 16th February 2023.

You must be registered in advance to join the session.

If you are interested or want to register, please email Jeremy at, or call 07969 297 633.

** Realbridge is an easy to use online platform where you can see and hear the other players at the table.  It's like playing Face to Face but without the travelling!  See for more details.